• With over 500 students enrolled for iCademy’s high school programme, the school is expecting further growth of 15% in its high school in the current academic year

Dubai, UAE:  With schools getting back in action, a new trend is emerging into the future of K-12 schooling. High school students (Grades 9, 10, 11, 12) are continuing to choose online and blended learning.

iCademy Middle East has seen an 25% percent increase in parents of high school students opting for online learning, and blended learning, where students attend 2, 3, or 5 days a week in person at their Knowledge Hub in Dubai Knowledge Park. The flexibility and trust offered has been reciprocated by parents, who are choosing this route to match their lifestyle needs. For High School students, this learning model might provide them with the closest experience to a College or University education.

Commenting on the uptake of online and blended learning students at the high school level, Principal of iCademy, Dr. Mohamed  Mroueh said “Online learning continues to be popular with high school students, as our programmes, and wide choice of courses enables children to really broaden their knowledge, whilst still getting support from our learning coaches. We’re seeing a huge increase in high school students choose the blended option, and attend our Knowledge Hub in Dubai. These children are motivated, independent, and often very academic, and they’re choosing us because they’re already on their pathway to College or University. Our environment resembles this, and we act as facilitators in order to shape their thinking, and provide them with a sounding board. We’re seeing parents choose the Knowledge Hub because of the flexibility it offers. I truly believe this is the future of education, as outdated and factory models don’t serve the changes happening in society or the workplace.”

Many expatriate parents opt to send their children back to their home country of high school due to the cost of secondary education in the region. iCademy’s fees are relatively affordable with fees for the High School section. To graduate and receive a High School diploma, students must earn 24 credits and be enrolled full-time for at least two consecutive semesters.

The Operator is seeing a huge mix of Arab and Indian families enrol. Both communities have now fully engaged with the online learning process, and iCademy’s Arabic and Islamic Curriculum follows the Ministry of Education guidelines so parents are fully engaged in the heritage and culture of the middle east.

iCademy Middle East is the only accredited online school in the region and has experienced 50% percent growth in the past few years.  With over 500 students enrolled for iCademy’s high school programme, the school is expecting further growth of 15% in its high school in the current academic year, as parents recognise the benefits of online learning, and the resemblance to University and College level education.

iCademy’s platform, and teachers serve students in 35 countries, offering the US curriculum from KG to Grade 12. The school is accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges, and over 7000 families have already passed through their virtual doors. In addition, the High School offers an expansive curriculum of over 150 course choices, including Core, Comprehensive, Honors and AP level courses, plus a wide variety of World Language options. Learning Coaches play an important, supportive role to help the students stay on task and to help ensure the student follows through on their assignments. Student are expected to move at a more consistent pace in each subject, and self-discipline and independence are critical factors.