• Al-Enezi: This event is a unique opportunity to spread NBK’s corporate culture among students

The Recruitment Department, Human Resource Group at National Bank of Kuwait (NBK) delivered a lecture at Kuwait Technical College "K-tech" to share knowledge on the internal business culture of the private sector and encourage students to experience working in the banking sector.

Commenting on this event, General Manager – Head of Group Human Resources at National Bank of Kuwait, Mr. Emad Al-Ablani said: “Participating in this event stems from believing in the importance of supporting Kuwaiti youth, including students and fresh graduates, by providing appropriate job opportunities in such a vital sector like the banking and financial system.”

Al-Ablani added that NBK continuously strives to participate in various events and initiatives that support youth and students to provide them with an opportunity to hone their skills and qualify them to enter the labor market.

He also highlighted that the bank seeks to attract national talents and pave the way for their growth and success in the banking sector.

He explained that NBK is keenly interested in developing its human capital through partnership with various institutions, in line with the Bank’s commitment to social development. Moreover, NBK maintains its leadership as a pioneer in adopting annual initiatives, believing in the effective impact of these programs aimed at serving the community, reflecting the key role assumed by NBK in this field.

Meanwhile, Mubarak Al-Enezi, Recruitment Manager at NBK said: “This special event is an excellent opportunity to spread NBK’s corporate culture among students and fresh graduates, as it promotes working in the private sector in general and the banking sector in particular”.

Al-Enezi added that NBK offers the best training and development programs to equip students and graduates with professional expertise and knowledge and prepare them for the labor market demand, noting that NBK is one of the top private sector entities in Kuwait in terms of supporting the youth.

Al-Enezi also pointed out that fresh graduates are regarded as a valuable source of recruitment, given the importance of attracting new talents that contribute to NBK’s continuous evolving and transformation with their positive energies and capabilities that need professional guidance. NBK provides a unique training environment to develop employees’ skills and to advance their professional growth.

NBK is focused on attracting young Kuwaiti talents as part of its development and training plans that invest in Kuwaiti nationals to build promising careers. As a leading banking institution, NBK sponsors numerous career fairs throughout the year to provide youth with the tools and knowledge required to explore future careers and fulfill their aspirations.