Cairo – King's School the Crown, a prestigious school situated in the heart of Palm Hills Developments’ 6th October, announced its adoption of globally-renowned, Arc Pathway as the primary platform for its Early Learning School, becoming the first school to use it in Egypt. This forward-thinking move underscores King's School the Crown's commitment to providing parents with a comprehensive and user-friendly tool, which will allow them to stay closely connected with their child's development.

Arc Pathway was carefully chosen due to its exceptional capabilities that align perfectly with King's School the Crown's mission to offer the highest quality education and communication experience to parents and students alike. It also highlights the school’s dedication to staying at the forefront of educational technology and ensuring parents are actively engaged in their child's learning journey.  

Commenting on the adoption of Arc Pathway, Mr. Joel Worrall, Executive Head of King's School the Crown, stated, "We are proud to partner with Arc Pathway to enhance the educational experience for our students and their families. This platform aligns perfectly with our commitment to innovation, transparency, and meaningful parent engagement. With Arc Pathway, we are not only streamlining communication but also creating a more enriching and personalized learning experience for our youngest learners."

Arc Pathway revolutionises communication by seamlessly connecting parents with their child's progress through its mobile application, fostering unprecedented accessibility between educators and families. Additionally, Arc Pathway distinguishes itself with its comprehensive array of features, consolidating vital components like observations, baselines, personalised goals, assessments, a care diary, and messaging capabilities into a user-friendly interface. This empowering platform actively involves parents in their child's educational journey, enabling them to share their insights, labelled as 'Special Moments,' maximising the collaborative and holistic learning experience.

The school draws from the best global teaching and learning practices as a part of the Inspired Education Group. Global collaboration is a cornerstone of the group’s 111 premium schools, across six continents. Incorporating Inspired Education Group’s Three Pillars approach to curriculum, focused on the academics, sport and creative and performing arts, it is the first school in the region to offer an integrated and continuous premium education for children from 3 months to 18 years of age. Facilities include a dedicated full size football field, a 400-meter running track, tennis and basketball courts, a fully equipped, state-of-the-art auditorium, a covered swimming pool for all year-round use and dedicated premises specifically designed for Early Years children that follow Inspired’s uniquely successful approach to Early Years learning.

About King's School The Crown:

About Inspired Education Group: Inspired Education Group is a world leading global group of premium schools, educating 70,000 students in over 80 schools across 6 continents. All Inspired schools are individually developed and designed in response to their environment and location, delivering an excellent education to their respective communities. Inspired offers a fresh and contemporary approach to education by re-evaluating traditional teaching methods and curriculums, and demonstrates exemplary holistic education approach in the implementation of a dynamic, relevant, and powerful educational model, reflecting current best practices. Inspired schools are dedicated to nurturing the unique individuality, talent, and resilience of each student, equipping them with broad ranging skills and confidence in their abilities to achieve success, and positively impact an ever-evolving world.

Palm Hills Developments has launched The Crown project, at the heart of Palm Hills October in three phases with a total of 925 residential units, varying from standalone villas, twin houses, townhouses, and apartments. The project will feature vast green spaces along with integrated commercial and entertainment services, representing 50% of the project area. The company has delivered the first phase of the project with a total of 260 residential units, in addition to launching the second phase, with a total of 420 residential units.”