Smart-search technology offers users highly tailored recommendations based on specific requirements such as location, cuisine, allergies, specific dishes, and prices Dubai. We’ve all been there—asking friends about new cafes in Al Quoz, bouncing between social apps trying to find the perfect spot for a date night, or scouring the internet for a restaurant with a kids’ play area that’s also dog-friendly. It’s challenging to piece together suitable dining options from all these scattered sources, which often leads to reverting to the same old familiar spots.

Welcome to Places, an entirely new way to discover restaurants, cafes, and bars in Dubai.

Places has unified the entire discovery experience of finding the ideal food and beverage spots by giving you an open search to hunt down exactly what you’re looking for.

This groundbreaking app is the world’s first to index an entire city’s menus. Imagine having 10,000 places in Dubai, and their menus at your fingertips. Everything you need to know to make a quick informed decision about where you want to go. Search by area, cuisine, menu item, amenities, and even by price. It’s an absolute game-changer in the world of dining discovery.

Experience Revolutionary Search Capabilities

Places lets you dive into specifics instantly. Imagine searching by typing or speaking: “I’m looking for a restaurant with diavola pizza and calamari in JBR with outdoor seating”. Or how about: “I want a shawarma for under 10 dirhams in Jumeirah or Al Wasl.” Just type it in like you were asking a friend, in plain English or Arabic. It’s that simple.

Places in a Nutshell (unless you’re allergic, but Places may have something for that) Frictionless Access: Get started effortlessly with a password-free login, ensuring a smooth entry without the hassle of remembering another password. No pop-ups or marketing messages—just straight to what you need.

Seamless Interface: Begin with a visual “Instagram-like” scroll through the city’s highlights to see what catches your eye.

Smart Search: When ready, dive deeper with flexible, open searches. Type phrases like “I have visitors and want a restaurant to have dinner with a view of the Dubai fountains” and watch as Places quickly presents exactly what you’re looking for, tailored to your preferences.

Allergen Considerations: As for those allergies or intolerances, Places has you covered by allowing you to hide menu items that are not suitable for your dietary needs.

A Thriving Community of Food Enthusiasts

At its heart, Places is a community platform, designed by and for food lovers. Within the app, you can share your dining experiences, leave insightful reviews, and send direct feedback to establishments. This fosters a vibrant community where every recommendation or critique helps refine and enhance the dining landscape. Plus, discover exclusive events and promotions directly through the app, making every outing extraordinary.

From the Founders

“Places was built here in Dubai from a desire to enhance how we explore our vibrant city’s dining scene,” says Walid Abou Ali, Co-founder and CTO of Places. “Unlike traditional apps with restrictive filters, Places embraces the complexity of your needs and desires, offering an intuitive, tailored experience.”

Download and Discover

Ready to transform how you dine? Visit to download Places for free.

Available in both English and Arabic, Places is committed to improving your dining adventures in Dubai without any cost, today, tomorrow and always.


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About Places:

Launched in Dubai in May 2024, Places is more than a smart search tool. It’s a gateway to the city’s best dining spots, loaded with menus, prices, and unique offers. Developed by a team passionate about food and technology, Places aims to simplify and personalise dining discoveries.