• InterSystems is adding vector search to the InterSystems IRIS® data platform to enable efficient and accurate retrieval of relevant information from massive datasets when working with large language models.

Johannesburg, South Africa – Artificial intelligence has transformative potential for driving value and insights from data. It is to support this that InterSystems, a creative data technology provider dedicated to helping customers solve their most critical scalability, interoperability, and speed problems, is pleased to announce the addition of vector search to the InterSystems IRIS® data platform.

As businesses move toward a world where nearly every application will be AI-driven, developers building those applications will need the right tools for creating experiences from these applications. Vector search represents a fundamental evolution in the InterSystems IRIS data platform, offering unparalleled support for next-generation AI applications. By leveraging advanced vector-based search capabilities, InterSystems IRIS now empowers developers and enterprises to unlock new possibilities in AI-driven insights, decision-making, and user experiences.

"At InterSystems, we are always looking for ways to bring next-generation data processing capabilities closer to our customers' data without having to transfer data to specialised systems," said Henry Adams, Country Manager at InterSystems South Africa.

By adding vector search to the InterSystems IRIS data platform, the company makes its data platform searchable through vector embeddings to enhance its functionality for tasks related to natural language processing, text, and image analysis. When working with large language models, this functionality enables efficient and accurate retrieval of relevant information from massive datasets across the organisation.

Empowering Developers for Generative AI

This integration will make it easier for developers to create applications that use generative AI to complete complex tasks for a wide range of use cases and deliver up-to-date responses based on proprietary data processed by InterSystems. It also means they can do this with very curated data while being confident in keeping their internal proprietary intelligence secure.

This capability allows the InterSystems IRIS data platform to manage and query content and related dense vector embeddings, particularly as it enables Retrieval-Augmented Generation (RAG) integration to develop generative AI-based applications. With the rapidly evolving toolsets available, seamless RAG integration allows agile adoption for new models and use cases.

"Vector search will fundamentally change how developers interact with InterSystems IRIS. We are excited to bring it to market," Adams said. "Our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of privacy, security, and responsibility will guide a thoughtful and ethical approach to AI that creates trust while accelerating innovation, ensuring customer success, and demonstrating a commitment to excellence."

Visit our vector search landing page to join the Early Access Program and learn more.

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