DUBAI, UAE – Renaissance, a leader in learning and assessment provision, has announced  the acquisition of GL Education, a provider of formative assessments for schools and school groups in the UK, across the UAE and over 100 countries worldwide.

Renaissance and GL Education share a vision that technology and data offer powerful tools that help schools build teaching and learning around the needs of every child. Together, the two companies aim to pool their expertise in education technology to offer educators enhanced data and analytics that will give them unique insights into the academic progress and potential of every child.

Since November 2021, Renaissance has been working with the UAE Ministry of Education to improve English literacy standards amongst the country’s public school students through the implementation of the myON digital platform across the UAE’s public primary and secondary schools. Meanwhile, GL Education has extensive experience and deep expertise in helping schools and school groups in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah and the Northern Emirates meet these obligations, providing assessments that enable them to carry out National Agenda testing, as well as training for teachers across the country.

The acquisition of GL Education supports Renaissance's mission to accelerate students’ growth and learning on an international scale through a suite of integrated solutions. Together with GL Education, Renaissance can reach and impact more students and teachers, delivering personalised teaching solutions that deliver differentiated insights.

“GL Education’s formative assessments, paired with Renaissance’s interconnected solutions, further empower our educators and help leaders leverage data to make meaningful change based on each individual student’s needs,” said Chris Bauleke, Chief Executive Officer at Renaissance. “We look forward to joining GL Education in driving growth for our students both in the UAE and beyond.”

“GL Education’s mission has always been to enable every child to realise their full potential,” said Mary de Sausmarez, Managing Director at GL Education. “Together with Renaissance, our high-quality formative assessments will support school leaders in the UAE and across the world in developing and tailoring an educational experience that is as unique as their students are. We are thrilled to see what’s in store for the future.”

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About Renaissance

As a leader in education technology, Renaissance is committed to providing educators with insights and resources to accelerate growth and help all students build a strong foundation for success. For more information, visit

About GL Education

GL Education is a leading provider of formative assessments to schools and school groups in the UK, the UAE and in over 100 countries worldwide. It provides assessments that help to reveal students’ potential, track their progress, and identify any barriers to learning they might have. For more information, visit

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