Cairo: ELSEWEDY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (SUT), the first Polytechnic University in Egypt that paves the way for local and international employment, hosted a comprehensive field tour for the journalists and media professionals at its state-of-the-art 27-sqm campus on Cairo Ismailia Desert Road.

The visit has showcased the university’s state-of-the-art facilities from activities, administrative buildings, educational structures, cutting- edge labs. Among the highlights of the tour were the technologically advanced laboratories, showcasing the latest innovations and equipment that are shaping the future of various fields. Moreover, the university proudly unveiled its latest offerings in student programs, further solidifying its position as a hub of innovation and academic excellence. The introduction of the Arts and Design Technology Program and Energy Program underscores the university's dedication to fostering creativity and forward-thinking among its students.

In this context, Mrs. Hanan ElRihany – CEO of Elsewedy EDTECH & a member of the Board of Trustees of SUT – said: “Having successfully completed the first phase of three of our university’s development, we take immense pride in announcing that ELSEWEDY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY -POLYTECHNIC OF EGYPT-  is fully equipped with all advanced services and facilities. Moreover, it stands as a smart institution, placing practical aspects at the core of its educational programs, where we provide an educational experience distinguished by a 60% focus on practical applications within program content. This is achieved through the international Polytechnic model we adhere to, ensuring effective utilization of knowledge and skills in real-world scenarios.”

Mrs. Hanan ElRihany also highlighted: “The university campus accommodates around 15,000 students. We take pride in the swift enrollment of 550 Egyptian and international students in different programs, reflecting the positive response and significant interest in our distinguished educational programs. Furthermore, the university has opened the application process for the second semester and we are currently in the process of implementing several facilitations for the students interested in joining the university, with early admission discounts of up to 15%.”

For his part, Prof. Ayman Bahaa Eldin, President of ELSEWEDY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY (SUT) – POLYTECHNIC OF EGYPT, commented: “In line with the government’s commitment to providing modern scientific and professional specializations, aiming to prepare young talents with the capabilities to meet both local and international workforce demands, the university has decided to launch new programs in technology. These programs include Arts and Design Technology Program and Energy Technology Program, complementing six other programs to offer students a choice of 19 different programs. This provides them with greater opportunities for specialization, and goal achievement.”

"Our ongoing series of strategic collaborations with industry partners continues, enabling the university to provide practical training for students throughout their academic journey. This involves leveraging the laboratories, factories, and facilities affiliated with our partners, all under the supervision of the highly qualified faculty and staff at the university." Prof. Ayman Bahaa Eldin added.

SUT -POLYTECHNIC OF EGYPT- graduates will receive dual certification. The first certificate (Bachelor's in Technological Engineering, master’s in technology, Doctorate in Technology, and a specialized master’s in business administration) will be provided from the university in Egypt and accredited by MOHE. This certificate will be accompanied by a Certificate of Recognition Amity University Dubai, verifying their international proficiency in their specialized field. SUT is also initiating enrollment opportunities for foreign students to join the university through its "International Student Program”.


About SUT:

ELSEWEDY UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY “SUT”, the first Polytechnic University in Egypt that is offering a 4 year bachelor’s degree of Engineering Technology (B.Tech) in an integrated set of practical and theoretical learning that is in line with the market needs.

Pursuing the international polytechnic educational model of “SUT”- Polytechnic of Egypt shall provide students with practical skills, industry partnerships and employability advancement. Graduates have advanced job prospects as they are sought after by employers due to their practical skills and industry experience.

SUT -Polytechnic of Egypt- providing education in more than 15 accredited programs that are developed in consultation with industry leaders. SUT- Polytechnic of Egypt- apply the practical education in laboratories, workshops, training and internships to the theoretical studies that allows graduates to immediately join the local and global labor force.

By its collaboration with Indian Amity University Dubai branch, SUT -Polytechnic of Egypt- will be pioneering the Higher Education in Egypt with the leading Worldwide Indian model.