• In the attendance of its partners from EBRD, ADCB, and Marie Louis:

Cairo: Elsewedy Technical Academy (STA) hosted a grand celebration at its headquarters in 10th of Ramadan City to mark the completion of the foundational elements crucial for the success of the first class of technical education and vocational training for talented students. The event was attended by STA partners, including the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank – Egypt (ADCB), and the Academy's technical partner, Mary Louis Bishara for Readymade Garments, students and their teachers.

The first batch of the educational class, set to graduate in AY 2024/2025, comprises of 21 students, who will undergo a three-year academic program, focusing on the technical specialization of "Ready-made Garments." The project marks the first integration of  talented students, thereby upholding the principles of accessibility and equal opportunities for all youth without discrimination.

Mrs. Hanan Elrihany, Secretary-General of the Elsewedy Foundation and CEO of STA, said: "We take pride in inaugurating the first classroom dedicated to talented students in our Academy. It marks a significant milestone toward a future characterized by equality, inclusion, and solidarity within the Academy." Mrs. Elrihany affirmed that, "We value the crucial role of our partners in providing the necessary needs to facilitate education and support without barriers or hindrances. This serves as the cornerstone for further positive strides, transforming education into an accessible and inspiring environment for all. The Academy looks forward to expanding the enrollment of talented students in the upcoming years.”

Mrs. Elrihany noted that, "The Academy concentrates on innovative programs designed to narrow the gap between graduates and the demands of the labor market by enhancing the skills of its students." She commended the initiative of Dr. Reda Hegazy, the Minister of Education and Technical Education, regarding the development of reference panels for commonly used sign language symbols. These panels will be accompanied by QR codes illustrating the corresponding sign movements, and they will be distributed to all schools across Egypt.

Mr. Khaled Hamza – Office Manager at the European Bank for Reconstruction & Development (EBRD) stated: "We have developed curricula and established the best practices for the inaugural class of male and female talented students at STA. We hope that our efforts will facilitate the seamless and beneficial integration of this group with their peers." Mr. Khaled affirmed the bank's commitment to broadening its scope of work to encompass talented individuals in the private sector. The EBRD has allocated funds to engage qualified consultants and experts to support and guide a group of 21 male and female talented students.

Mrs. Enas Kadri - Chief Communication, ESG, and Customer Excellence Officer  from Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank – Egypt (ADCB) said: "In line with the agreement with STA, the bank extended financial sponsorship to several students with hearing disabilities to enable them to pursue studies at the Academy, specializing in the technical field of 'Ready-made Garments' over a three-year period, commencing from the current academic year." Mrs. Kadri underscored the bank's commitment to creating a lasting positive influence on society. This involves empowering talented individuals, fostering their true financial inclusion, aligning with the bank's vision for the well-being of talented people.

Mrs. Mary Louis, President of the Ready-Made Garments Export Council and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Mary Louis for Ready-made Clothes (the Academy’s technical partner), pointed out, "At Mary Louis, we take pride in contributing to the establishment of a promising future for talented young people. We strongly believe in the significance of offering educational and training opportunities. Through our collaboration with STA, we present these students with tangible prospects in the realm of ready-made clothing manufacturing." She elaborated that “the company has offered comprehensive training courses, equipping students with fundamental skills and knowledge essential for this industry. This initiative aims to empower them and support their aspirations, allowing them to demonstrate their capabilities in the labor market.” The company integrated the students with their peers at Bishara Industrial Secondary School, in all stages of training in all production lines for 6 hours a day, an average of 3 days per week, for a period of 12 months, to provide the students with the technical skills that enable them to manufacture a high quality product that can be exported.

The Minister of Education and Technical Education, Dr. Reda Hegazy, who visited STA in February, commended the academic and methodological standards of the Academy which benefits students through its curricula that are closely aligned with the requirements of the labor market.  Dr. Reda acknowledged the job opportunities it offers to students in both factories and the private sector.

About STA:

Elsewedy Technical Academy (STA) was established in 2011 as a commitment from Elsewedy Electric Group for community development and the development of technical education and vocational training in Egypt in cooperation with the Ministry of Education and Technical Education in a dual education system for three years, and the study is based on practical training of 80% in partner factories and 20% theoretical education at school. STA grants accredited international certificates according to each specialty, in addition to the benefits it provides to its students.