Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) and GlobeMed Kuwait, the leading healthcare benefits management company in Kuwait, have announced signing a collaboration agreement to offer insured members of the clients contracted with GlobeMed access to the wide network of DHAMAN’S primary Healthcare centers (PHC)

As part of the collaboration agreement, DHAMAN will provide integrated healthcare in family medicine, dentistry, pediatrics, radiology and laboratory services to insured members of the clients contracted with GlobeMed, through qualified medical staff with extensive experience and state-of-the-art technology in the medical field. The agreement is part of GlobeMed Kuwait’s and DHAMAN’s common mission and vision as patient centric organizations offering quality health care and health insurance services for insured members of the clients contracted with GlobeMed who are citizens and residents in Kuwait.

On this occasion, DHAMAN CEO Mr. Thamer Arab said “This agreement with GlobeMed Kuwait is part of DHAMAN’s overall efforts to deliver holistic prime and integrated healthcare services to all patients visiting our PHCs, which is part of offering them an excellent person-centered medical journey that includes consultation, diagnosis, prevention, treatment and follow-up in a number of specialties and supporting services.” Mr. Arab added “Both insurance cardholders, as well as patients who do not have private health insurance can still benefit from services at DHAMAN as the PHCs welcome patients of all age groups to receive comprehensive healthcare.”.

Mr. Salem Haidar, GlobeMed Kuwait General Manager, said “DHAMAN’S scale and range of healthcare services expands our medical network to deliver unmatched care to insured members of the clients contracted with GlobeMed. This partnership promises to accelerate our efforts to expand member’s access to care through DHAMAN’s state-of-the-art medical clinics and hospitals. We are proud of this partnership and committed to deliver exceptional patient experience to insured members of the clients contracted with GlobeMed through a wide network of healthcare providers.”

DHAMAN PHCs in Hawalli, Farawaniya and Dhajeej are receiving patients to benefit from its integrated medical services with two additional PHCs scheduled to open in Fahaheel and Jahra during 2022.



Since its establishment in 2014, Health Assurance Hospitals Company (DHAMAN) is the first Public-Private-Partnership (PPP) healthcare organization in the Middle East as it was founded based on an Amiri Directive as part of the national development Plan "New Kuwait 2035".

DHAMAN handles establishing an integrated healthcare system that includes medical insurance programs, as well as building and operating a network of primary healthcare centers and hospitals that cover all areas in Kuwait while applying best professional practices to achieve sustainability in healthcare and investing in the infrastructure of the health sector based on highest international standards and recruiting over 7,000 highly qualified individuals in medical and administrative fields.

The shareholder structure of DHAMAN consists of government bodies represented by Kuwait Investment Authority (KIA) and the Public Institution for Social Security (PIFSS) with 24%, a strategic partner from the private sector with 26%, and 50% of the Company's shares were allocated for Kuwaiti citizens through an initial public offering.

About GlobeMed Kuwait:

GlobeMed Kuwait is the leading healthcare benefits management company in the country, offering support to insurance companies and self-insured schemes with highly advanced tools and services, such as policy administration, providers’ network management, approvals & claims processing, customer services and business intelligence services. Also aware of the evolving needs in the pharmacy benefits management, it also offers a complete PBM solution designed to improve the value of pharmacy benefits plans. Moreover, GlobeMed Kuwait provides innovative and comprehensive services to manage its clients’ complex needs, such as actuarial services and international health services.

Backed up by GlobeMed Group’s 31 years of experience and know-how, GlobeMed Kuwait has all the human and technical skills required to offer its stakeholders state-of-the-art solutions and tailor-made services.

It is part of a Group of 12 companies spread across the Middle-Eastern and African territories which includes in addition to Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain, Iraq, Jordan, Palestine, Egypt, Nigeria. The region’s fastest-growing Group in the healthcare sector offers international and cross-border services through a network that exceeds 120,000 providers worldwide. 

Since 2006, GlobeMed Kuwait has lived up to its promise of improving the healthcare services to more than 22 client insurers.