Dubai, UAE: As part of its awareness campaign ‘Welcome Summer with Green Habits’, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) has urged customers to regularly monitor water leak indicators for internal connections and promptly fix any leaks to avoid waste and damage to properties. DEWA has emphasised the importance of regularly checking for possible leaks to protect natural resources.

DEWA highlighted that water spots on floors, walls, and roofs, or around washing machines are likely due to leaks in internal connections or the house irrigation system within the property. Customers can also detect leakages through their bills or smart water meters. Water tanks, bathrooms, kitchens, and swimming pools are the most likely areas where leakages can occur. Leakages from water tanks are often due to deterioration of the tank body, connections, or improper positioning. Ageing and lack of maintenance can also cause leaks in taps, pipes, toilet tanks, and water heaters. Customers are encouraged to conduct a leak test for taps twice a year by switching off all water devices and checking the water meter.

Additionally, DEWA recommends that water tanks and internal connections comply with its specifications to ensure water supply availability. Internal water pipes should be connected to the water tank and not directly to the main water line. Water tanks should also undergo regular maintenance to prevent blockages.

DEWA highlighted the efficiency of its systems in detecting any flaws in the external connections before the meter and noted that its responsibility is limited to connections and maintenance until the meter only, while the internal connections after the meters are the customer’s responsibility. This applies to residential, commercial, and industrial sectors.

DEWA provides innovative digital services and features that enable customers to monitor and manage their consumption efficiently. This includes the Smart Living Dashboard, the High-Water Usage Alert service, the Smart Response, and the Away Mode feature. DEWA’s emergency number 991 is available for urgent technical notifications. Tips and guidelines to manage consumption more efficiently are available on: