DIFC, DUBAI: Blue Forest, a UAE-based mangrove reforestation specialist, has forged a strategic partnership with Net Zero through its subsidiary company Nabatik, a leading forestry and urban tree planting company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). The partnership aims to restore a minimum of 5,000 hectares of mangrove forests in Saudi Arabia, underscoring the organizations’ shared commitment to environmental conservation and sustainability. The official signing ceremony took place at the Blue Forest office located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC).

Throughout the next three years, Blue Forest and Net Zero will aim to implement both mangrove restoration and afforestation initiatives, planting a total of approximately 50 million mangrove trees across Saudi Arabia. The partnership will focus on supporting global climate goals through a tangible increase in carbon sequestration while accelerating sustainable mangrove forest use in the kingdom. Additionally, KSA companies will have the opportunity to offset their carbon emissions and potentially derive revenue through blue carbon credits.

“Blue Forest is excited to join hands with Net Zero, bringing our expertise in mangrove reforestation and carbon accounting to the partnership,” said Vahid Fotuhi, CEO and Founder of Blue Forest. “Together, we will drive impactful projects, safeguarding KSA's mangrove forests and contributing to a greener future for the region.”

Dr. Mohammed Alshaikh, the Co-Founder of Net Zero, emphasized that the partnership with Blue Forest will be a valuable addition to future projects in the Kingdom, particularly in mangrove tree planting. Mangroves are characterized by their high carbon sequestration capacity, which contributes to achieving the goals of Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman’s initiatives, “Green Saudi” and “Green Middle East,” aiming to plant 10 billion trees and reduce carbon emissions by 278,000 tons.

“The Saudi Green Initiative and The Middle East Green Initiative are bold and ambitious steps to position the region at the forefront of climate action. This is achieved through the participation of all sectors in a harmonious effort,” said Dr. Mohammed Alshaikh.

The partners will jointly design and implement projects that contribute to global climate initiatives and align with KSA’s national policies. Blue Forest will provide technical services including GIS mapping and habitat assessments, while leading the carbon offset project accounting with third-party validators. Net Zero, on the other hand, will lead the origination, commercial negotiation, and monitoring activities of the mangrove projects.

About Blue Forest

Blue Forest is a UAE-based project developer focused on mangrove reforestation. The company aims to deliver a positive and lasting impact on local communities through the implementation of long-term mangrove forest restoration projects. Blue Forest is currently developing mangrove projects in 10 countries in the Middle East, Africa, and Asia. These ‘blue carbon’ projects are financed through carbon credits. For more information, please visit: www.blueforest.co

About Nabatik

Nabatik is a leading climate technology company in nature-based solutions and ecosystem restoration focused on combating climate change and offsetting carbon emissions. Nabatik has developed solutions that enable individuals and companies alike to plant trees in an easy and sustainable manner. The company is currently engaged in large-scale tree planting in collaboration with local and international companies, with support from the Ministry of Environment, Water, and Agriculture.

For media queries or to arrange an interview with Blue Forest, please contact Anna Sadeghpour (anna@blueforest.co)
For media queries or to arrange an interview with Nabatik, please contact Mohammed Alshaikh (Alshaikh@nabatik.com)