The global stage of mixed martial arts arena experienced an electrifying debut with the MMA Global Series, and Global series 2.0 set to kick off on October28, 2023, at Dubai’s largest gym, AB Fitness. This exciting competition unites fighters from various backgrounds and regions, highlighting their martial arts abilities.

The MMA Global Series officially launched with great fanfare in a spectacular event hosted at AB Fitness Marina. The inaugural event was a resounding success, attracting martial arts enthusiasts from around the world. The event displayed an extraordinary array of martial arts brilliance; with the event broadcasted live online in 42 countries. Supported wholeheartedly by Dubai's Sports Council, the launch executed seamlessly.

The MMA Global Series displayed as impressive lineup of fighters, among them Dyakonov Sergey, Douglas Maicon, Koko Hammer, Gadzhibabaev, Abdulkhalikov, Jacare. In a remarkable demonstration of unwavering determination and exceptional talent, Sergey Dyakonov, representing Russia, emerged as the standout star of the series.

Under the visionary guidance of former fighter and Dubai-based Indian entrepreneur Bhupesh Kamble, the MMA Global Series made its grand debut. Bhupesh's relentless passion for fitness and martial arts has set the stage for a revolutionary venture in the heart of Dubai.

Dubai's unique attributes, including its strategic location, significant investments in sports and entertainment infrastructure, global appeal, financial backing, reputation for safety, and coveted status as a global city, made it the ideal host for the MMA Global Series. As the MMA Global Series continues to evolve, it promises to be an unforgettable journey, celebrating the spirit of martial arts and uncovering the talents of fighters from every corner of the globe. Stay tuned for more exhilarating battles and electrifying moments in the world of mixed martial arts.

Global Series 2.0 is scheduled to commence on October 28’ 2023 At Dubai’s largest gym AB Fitness.

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