President Emmanuel Macron of France said his country had pledged €100 million ($109 million) to the newly agreed Loss and Damage Fund (LDF).

The French President told journalists at a press conference on the third day of COP28 in translated remarks: “No country should have to choose between tackling climate change and tackling poverty.”

The President also explained his country’s progress in the battle against climate change, with plans to phase out coal by 2027, triple investment in renewable energy by 2030 and triple nuclear energy investment by 2050.

He told the press conference that renewable energy alone was not sufficient due to instability of supply, and therefore nuclear energy is needed.

“Some countries who walked away from nuclear energy, they are reconsidering their priorities,” he said.

Speaking about carbon capture, he described it as “very important” but said: “CO2 capture, and storage should not slow down our efforts to phase out fossil fuels.”

(Reporting by Imogen Lillywhite; editing by Daniel Luiz)