December is upon us, and we’re headed into the season of festivity, meeting friends and family, and wrapping up work for the year. This has now grown to become one of the busiest months of the year, whereas traditionally, winter was a time to slow down, collect our thoughts, reflect, rest, cuddle, snuggle and sip hot chocolate. When I was a child, my elders would say that as the season changes, our body goes through changes. Without any heating system back in the day, the main goal was to keep our bodies warm. Slowing down, having hot soups, using warming spices and herbs in the food, turning into bed early, sitting outside in the winter sun were all comforting ways to sync with nature.

Author Katherine May writes in her book, Wintering: The Power of Rest and Retreat in Difficult Times, about the concept of slow living. She encourages us to pull back from the hustle of modern life and connect more deeply with ourselves, our loved ones, and our environment. By intentionally slowing down, we can savour each moment and truly appreciate the beauty around us.

So, while the world cheers a hustle culture, it may take courage (and some planning and organising) to slow ourselves down as 2023 comes to a close. Here are a few ideas:


A nice massage, spa treatment, a day out in nature, etc. will do you a world of good. Carry a journal and write your heart out, or simply breathe slowly, or maybe take a delicious afternoon nap.


Start listing all the things that have helped you grow this year. And give thanks. The greatest magnet for abundance is gratitude. Make it a daily activity. Children love the idea of gratitude jars — putting little notes of gratitude in every day can be a fun exercise to do with them.

Also, list down your milestones, big or small, personal or professional. Every single one of them counts. Celebrate each one, both big and small, because every win is important.

Declutter at least one area of your home

So many unnecessary items are taking space in your home/ office/ desk. Look for things that no longer serve value and reposition them — either donate, discard, store in another place, etc. You will be amazed at how better you feel and how refreshing (and therapeutic) clearing up can be.

Get your money in order

Okay, many may find this boring or overwhelming, but it is good to take stock of your income, outflow, savings, etc. Is there anything you need to do differently next year?

Vision Board

Who says Vision Boards are meant to be made only in January? Start visualising your goals right now.

When our mind is calm and happy, we’re instantly in better space to demand better things for ourselves. By embracing simplicity and introspection, we open ourselves up to inner transformation that can beautifully mirror the outer transformation of wintering.

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