In a heartwarming gesture of appreciation and gratitude, Mister Baker, a homegrown bakery is rolling out a unique initiative to celebrate the birthdays of delivery riders. Every delivery boy who visits the bakery on their special day will be treated to a special birthday package.

Beginning from October 1, and continuing throughout the year, delivery boys across the UAE are invited to visit any of the 27 outlets of Mister Baker on their birthdays. By presenting their Emirates ID and work ID, they will be warmly gifted a birthday package, serving as a heartfelt token of admiration.

“This is an amazing initiative. I have delivered many birthday cakes from them, but I haven’t celebrated my birthday for the last three years. This year on December 23, I will celebrate my birthday with them,” said Faiz Ullah, a delivery rider who operates in Sharjah currently.

“I will celebrate my birthday away from my family in Pakistan. We will be very happy and thankful, and we feel inclusive. It's not just me, all delivery riders will be happy,” said Faiz.

Another delivery rider, Ansar, doesn’t even remember the last time he celebrated his birthday. “For three years, my birthday meant riding around delivering food. But my next birthday on March 5 will be special. It's not just a party for me but for all delivery folks out there,” said Ansar.

What's in the birthday package? It's a little bundle of happiness that includes two delectable pastries. It's a small way to say, ‘Thank you for your hard work, and happy birthday!’

This initiative by Mister Baker aims to recognise and celebrate the often-unsung heroes of our society, the individuals who work tirelessly to ensure the smooth functioning of our cities and neighbourhoods.

Mandeep Chanana, general manager at Mister Baker, said: “We are in awe of the dedication and hard work of delivery boys. We want them to know that their efforts don't go unnoticed and are greatly appreciated. This is our way of encouraging them to smile and celebrate. Our hope is that these little packages bring a smile and warmth to their special day,” said Chanana.

The stores will also erect a standee and staff will spread awareness by informing delivery riders about the campaign. “They will ask every rider, ‘if it’s your birthday, come and celebrate with us’,” said Chanana.

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