Dubai RJ Parikshit Balochi is brimming with excitement after arriving in Ahmedabad to attend the World Cup final between India and Australia on Sunday. Parikshit says he is amazed by the carnival-like atmosphere in the city.

“Funnily, the locals are on leave for the Diwali holiday. Most of the shops and restaurant are closing down very soon. But the tourists in the town are going absolutely crazy,” Parikshit told the Khaleej Times from Ahmedabad on Saturday.

The RJ was also surprised to see many Dubai residents in the Gujarat city. “There is a major, major number of Dubai residents now here. They have all come here for the final,” he said. “It is amazing because the hotel rates are actually Rs150,000-200,000 for a night.”

Parikshit expects wild celebrations in the streets if India beat Australia in the final today. “If India win the match, the city is going to be rocking all night. The think this city will be awake until 3 am if India win,” he said.

“Even today (Saturday), I went to a jersey store, they are selling like hot cakes. They (shop keepers) didn’t even have time to talk to people.”

Gopal Jasapara, veteran Dubai cricket coach, also landed in Ahmedabad for the big final. “You won’t believe it, but I saw lot of English fans in Ahmedabad. I actually thought they were Australians. But they said no, they were English fans who had booked tickets months ago expecting England to be in the final,” Jasapara told the Khaleej Times.

“Now they said they would support India in the final. That’s understandable as we all know the England-Australia rivalry in cricket.

“Then I went to a mall and saw some more England fans. These people were even buying India jerseys!”

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