Here we bring to you three episodes from the glitzy, multi-chapter coronation ceremony of King Charles that are relatable to the experiences many of us have had. Read on.

1. Katy Perry

How many times have you frantically moved around in a theatre, searching for your designated seat in the dark while trying to avoid tripping over the popcorn buckets of fellow spectators? Well, it won't be an exaggeration to call it a universal experience.

Global star Katy Perry was no stranger to this experience, as she looked confused and struggled to find her seat — except it was not in the dark of a theatre but at the coronation of King Charles III at the Windsor Castle. The singer went viral on May 6, as she was captured on camera looking for her seat amidst the audience.

Katy Perry looking for her seat at the #Coronation 😭

— Kandy 🖤🃏 (@zourkandy) May 6, 2023

And understandably, netizens had a field day with comments like: “Katy Perry trying to find her seat at the King's coronation is me trying to navigate through life at the moment." Another joked and said: “Me trying to find my mom at a full supermarket."

The pop-star later responded to the viral video and tweeted: "don’t worry guys I found my seat".

don’t worry guys i found my seat

— KATY PERRY (@katyperry) May 6, 2023

2. Prince Louis

It’s not the first time that Prince Louis has been pictured with an adorably hilarious expression. The five-year-old prince was captured on camera yawning multiple times at his grandfather’s coronation. He sent the internet in giggles, yawning right when he arrived at Westminster Abbey. He certainly made us feel better about yawning through, you know, lengthy events and meetings that we have to attend out of compulsion.

People responded with comments like: “He yawns for many of us.”

#KingCharlesIII #KingCharlesIIICoronation #PrinceLouis #BOSSBABY steals the show again..🥰🥰🥰

— Robin Lynn King - Power to the Bower (@RobinLynnKing2) May 7, 2023

The little one was also seen doing a fun little wave at the Buckingham Palace balcony following the coronation of King Charles.

3. Duchess Sophie

Ever had that moment where you just wanted to let your hair down and break into a dance in a concert? Well, the Duchess Sophie, Prince Edward’s wife, proved to be just like us, as she surprised fans by grooving to Lionel Ritchie’s rendition of ‘All night long’ at the coronation concert.

The internet cheered on the Duchess, who swayed to the music in a stunning coral dress.

The Duchess of Edinburgh dancing along to Lionel Ritchie #CoronationConcert

— Royal Central (@RoyalCentral) May 7, 2023


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