Riyadh: The Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture called for improving food consumption systems and reducing food waste rates to enhance sustainability and conserve natural resources. It pointed out the importance of changing the societal behaviour around extravagant servings of food during Ramadan.

The ministry urged citizens to be aware of rational consumer behaviour, especially during Ramadan, noting that rice, flour, bread and dates are among the most consumed and the most wasted items in the holy month.

According to the ministry, rice leads to the most wasted foods at a rate of 34%, followed by flour and bread at a rate of 30%. Bread is wasted annually at a rate of 15 kilograms per individual. The percentage of dates wasted in the Kingdom is 21.5%.

The ministry determined basic tips to raise awareness of reducing food waste and contribute to reducing its rates, including limiting the purchase of food products to the required amounts, avoiding cooking quantities that are bigger than consumption, and storing surplus food in suitable preservation methods to maintain its quality.

Additionally, resisting the temptation of advertisements and offers of food products that lead to unnecessary shopping.