MAKKAH — The Ministry of Commerce has supervised the provision of 71,671,000 food items for the Hajj pilgrims in the Holy Site of Mina during the first day of Tashreeq.

The food items included more than 39 million bottles of dairy and juice, more than 14,319,000 baked goods, and more than 667,000 ready-to-eat meals.

Moreover, the items included more than 17,251,000 bottles of water, in addition to more than 336,000 ice cube molds.

The Ministry is monitoring the securing of food supply chains to contribute in increasing the volume of food for the Hajj pilgrims in the Holy Sites and Makkah.

Its field monitoring teams will continue following up on the sale outlets and checking the abundance of goods and the products needed for the pilgrims.

The team also will conduct their role on all the commercial establishments and stalls in the Holy Site of Mina and the central area of the Grand Mosque in Makkah to check on their compliance for the consumer protection regulation, as well as seizing the commercial violations.

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