Mohammed Inam, the recent winner of the Easy6 game at the Emirates Draw, is set to walk into 2024 as a new millionaire in the UAE, having clinched the jackpot prize of Dh15 million.

Inam said that his top priority is to fulfil a lifelong dream—undertaking the holy pilgrimage of Haj, which he says “is a spiritual journey of great significance”.

Hailing from Islamabad, Pakistan, Inam was born in and lives in UAE. He is a finance auditor in a private firm based in Abu Dhabi.

Inam's raffle-buying journey began in 2021 after he noticed an advertisement on social media. Although he had been participating for quite some time, it is only now that his perseverance has paid off. “Alhamdulillah, many of my plans can now be materialised," Inam said.

Inam disclosed that this particular victory came as a surprise, as he had opted for a rare departure from his usual calculated approach. “This is the only time I selected the numbers randomly by closing my eyes. I did not even know the numbers I selected. If I had noticed them, I wouldn't have participated with this selection, as I chose 14 and 15 consecutively."

When the life-changing call came, Inam initially dismissed it, thinking it was a prank. “Later, reality sunk in and I realised that the call was true, and that I am now a millionaire,” he said. Inam shared the news with his wife first, marking the beginning of their journey into a new chapter of financial prosperity.

Discussing his immediate plans to utilise his winnings, Inam spoke of purchasing a family car. “All further investments and expenditures would be postponed and will be undertaken after my family's Haj pilgrimage,” said Inam.

Post-Haj, Inam said that he plans to invest in the UAE's real estate market. A portion of his winnings will also be donated to charitable causes.

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