DUBAI - The Museum of the Future has announced that it will organise a series of dialogue sessions during the month of Ramadan as part of the 'Ramadan Majlis Nights' in partnership with Dubai Future Labs, an applied research lab focusing on developing the fields of robotics and AI.

The sessions, entitled "Threads of Virtue: Weaving Islamic Principles into the Fabric of Future Innovations," will focus on Islam's rich heritage within contemporary scientific advancements and policymaking.

This event, taking place over three evenings during Ramadan, will feature expert speakers and specialists from various future-driven fields, including international academics and UAE thought leaders. Together, they will explore how Islamic principles can help shape and guide the future of innovation and research, with a particular focus on technology and digital transformation.

Majed Al Mansoori, Deputy Executive Director at the Museum of the Future, commented, "We are proud to collaborate with Dubai Future Labs to host this milestone event, which supports the Museum of the Future's aim to be at the centre of future foresight. The Ramadan Majlis Nights support our laser focus on designing and creating the future and reflect our long-term commitment to bringing together interdisciplinary speakers to discuss topics focused on innovation, social responsibility and progress."

The first session of the Ramadan Majlis Nights will be on Saturday, 16th March 2024. Focusing on integrating Islamic ethical principles within modern scientific and technological research, this session explores the harmony between progress and moral responsibility, drawing from Islamic scholars in science and philosophy. This session features Dr. Roy Casagranda of Austin Community College, USA, and Dr. Mohamed Qasem, Dean of the Dubai Future Academy.

The second session of the Ramadan Majlis, taking place on Saturday, 23rd March, will see the participation of Dr. Reema Misbah Al Qaruty, Professor at the University of Dubai, alongside Professor Odeh Al-Jayyousi - Professor of Innovation Policy at Arabian Gulf University of Bahrain. Also joining them is the Chief Operations Officer at Emirates Nature-WWF, Manal Bahman, who serves as an esteemed Advisory Board Member of the Geography and Planning Department at Sorbonne University. The session will explore the intersection between sustainability, the environment, ethical stewardship, and the future within the context of Islam.

The third session hosted on Saturday, 30th March, discusses the role of technology and digital transformation in driving sustainable development. The session also considers advanced technology and its impact on communities across the globe. Hosted by Dr. Abdallah Rothman, a scholar and professional counsellor renowned for integrating Islamic spirituality and modern technology, alongside author, poet and scholar Awad Bin Hasoum Al Darmaki.