Makkah -- Minister of Hajj and Umrah Dr. Tawfiq bin Fawzan Al-Rabiah anticipates a significant increase in the number of Indian Umrah pilgrims in the near future, as he has concluded his official visit to India.

The minister highlighted the qualitative initiatives provided by the Kingdom to facilitate arrival procedures and make it easier for individuals willing to visit the Two Holy Mosques, Islamic historic sites, and various tourist destinations in the Kingdom, regardless of visa type.

He extended a warm welcome to all guests from India who are eager to visit the Two Holy Mosques.

During his visit, Al-Rabiah held meetings with top officials, including the Minister of External Affairs and the Minister of Minority Affairs, as well as CEOs of several Indian Umrah companies. The discussions focused on enhancing cooperation to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of pilgrims from India, as well as leveraging the significant progress in services provided by Hajj and Umrah pilgrims and other visitors. The objective of this cooperation is to create an unforgettable spiritual experience.

Al-Rabiah underscored the efforts made to remove obstacles faced by Indian Umrah pilgrims throughout their journey to the Kingdom, enabling them to visit the Two Holy Mosques and perform their rituals with ease.

These efforts include increasing the number of flights and seat capacity, as well as facilitating e-visas provided through the Tasheer centers spread across India. The minister also highlighted the services of the Nusuk platform, which contribute to efficient planning for Umrah.

On the sidelines of his visit, Al-Rabiah announced the inauguration of three visa centers and the exhibition of the Nusuk platform, in the presence of heads of Umrah companies. During the exhibition, participants emphasized the facilitations and electronic services provided by the Nusuk platform for pilgrims. They noted the efforts made by Nusuk to provide information about the historic and Islamic sites in Makkah and Madinah.

Nusuk’s efforts in this regard amplify the impact of the spiritual journey for pilgrims and visitors of the Two Holy Mosques. This reflects the progress made in services provided to serve the guests and the commitment of the Hajj and Umrah Ministry to continue facilitating the pilgrims’ journey.