AlUla: The Saudi Press Agency captured a series of captivating images showcasing a variety of camels in AlUla's desert. The photographs serve as testament to the resilience and beauty of these extraordinary creatures.

Camels are known as the "ships of the desert" for their exceptional physical features that allow them to thrive in harsh desert conditions. The resilient creatures can endure scorching summers, frigid winters, relentless dry winds, and scarce water sources.

One of the most recognizable features that equip camels for desert life is their hump, which stores fat that camels convert into energy during long desert journeys, allowing them to withstand hunger and thirst for days at a time.

Camels boast thick skin, shielding them from temperature extremes. Muscles within their noses close during dust storms, preventing uncomfortable dust inhalation. Their wide, padded hooves allow them to navigate the sand with ease, preventing them from sinking and minimizing fatigue. Their split upper lip and strong teeth make grasping and chewing thorny desert plants effortless.

Camels hold a place of profound significance in Arab history and heritage. For millennia, they have served as companions, transportation, and a source of sustenance for nomadic communities.

In recognition of this rich cultural heritage, the Saudi leadership has declared 2024 the Year of the Camel. The initiative underscores the royal family's unwavering commitment to preserving and celebrating the nation's cherished traditions.