RIYADH — The General Commission for Audiovisual Media (GCAM) has unveiled a mechanism for clearing and categorizing cinematic films.

The commission stressed that the process of age classification and clearance of cinematic films is conducted by a team of specialists who have extensive knowledge of everything related to the film industry.

The process goes through several steps to carefully examine the content to ensure its suitability for each age group.

The mechanism begins with receiving the request for clearance and categorization and scheduling dates for scrutiny, followed by the start of the categorizing process by the specialist team.

The team will prepare a comprehensive report about the film content with the age classification and any modifications deemed necessary, and then share the recommendations with the distributor to implement them before the final clearance.

The last steps are to verify and ensure the necessary modifications are made and assign the appropriate age classification.

The age classification for cinematic films is an evaluation system to determine the suitability of audiovisual media content for different age groups, in addition to checking on its conformity with the principles and standards approved by GCAM.

The classification aims to provide a package of benefits for the community, the most important of which are assisting the adults in selecting the suitable film for them and for their children to protect them from exposure to harmful materials.

The classification also aims to affirm the importance of respecting societal values, general principles and standards that govern media content in Saudi Arabia in accordance with the laws.

There are six categories that fall under the age classification of cinematic films. Category G is suitable for all age groups, as its content comes within a positive framework that is free of violence and threats. Most of them are cartoon films.

Category PG: Content in this rating is safe in general, but it is recommended that adults sit with children under 12 years of age when watching them because it may disturb some children as they contain some violence, sorrow or imagination.

Category PG12: Content is generally safe in this classification, but it is required that adults accompany those under 12 years old, as it may contain scenes that are not suitable for them. Films that fall under this category may be based on science fiction, superheroes, or comic books.

Category PG15: The subjects of films in this category are suitable for those aged 15 and above, and adults are required to accompany those under 15 years of age and even young people as they may include scenes that are not suitable for them, such as fighting, superheroic acts, science fiction, natural disasters, simple romance as well as warfare in a simple way.

Category R15: Those under the age of 15 are prohibited from watching films in this category due to mature topics that are treated conservatively and appropriately. These include wars, crime, gangs, romance, horror, and violence.

Category R18: Films under this category are prohibited for those under 18 years due to more mature topics, such as intensive violence scenes, domestic violence or politics.

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