Riyadh: The National Center for Palms and Dates (NCPD) announced a significant rise in Saudi Arabia's date exports in the first quarter of 2024. Compared to the same period in 2023, the value of exports jumped 13.7%, reaching a total of SAR644 million.

This increase is attributed to a focused effort by the NCPD, which worked hand in hand with the private sector and relevant authorities to raise the global appeal of Saudi dates; their ultimate goal is to make Saudi dates the "first choice for global consumers".

The growth was not limited to a single market. Several countries witnessed an impressive increase in imports of Saudi dates, with some exceeding 100% growth compared to Q1 2023, such as Austria, Norway, Argentina, Brazil, Portugal, Germany, and Canada.

Exports to Morocco grew by 69%, to Indonesia by 61%, to the Republic of Korea by 41%, and to the UK by 33%.

The US, a major date importer, saw a 29% increase, while Malaysia a 16% rise in imports of Saudi date.

This remarkable achievement is credited to the "unlimited support" provided by the Saudi leadership for the palm and date sector, according to the center.

NCPD's ongoing efforts include: developing the palm and date sector by working closely with industry stakeholders; facilitating export procedures by streamlining them; helping marketing and offering industry information to global consumers.

Through continued dedication, Saudi Arabia is well-positioned to further solidify its position as a leading exporter of high-quality dates, satisfying the growing international demand for this nutritious fruit.