Jeddah: Nawaf Qumosani, the Director-General of Jeddah Season 2022, praised the future of the entertainment industry in the Kingdom, stating that Jeddah Season contributed to enhancing the future vision of this industry, improving the quality of life in the community, attracting investments, and achieving economic returns, in addition to building global partnerships.

During his meeting with media representatives at the Jeddah Media Center on Sunday, Qumosani explained that the season has increased job opportunities for young people, enhanced the positive image of society, strengthened the Kingdom's position in global competitiveness and created an effective economic and cultural movement within society.

He said that the most important features of Jeddah Season in its second edition are sustainability, inclusion, and diversity, through the presentation of more than 2,800 days of activities of shows, experiences, games, exhibitions, theaters and concerts. In addition, competitiveness in presenting more than 36 shows, experiments and events were held for the first time in the Kingdom, and more than six events are the first of their kind in the world, he added.

The Director-General of Jeddah Season 2022 added that the season created more than 74,000 jobs for citizens of both sexes. He noted that 80 percent of the jobs during the season were run by Saudi youths, and that the season contributed to promoting the localization of more than 14 professions to increase opportunities for Saudi men and women to join the labor market, in accordance with the Kingdom's vision 2030. In addition, the season contributed to the consolidation of partnerships with society, relevant government institutions, businesspeople, investors and the media, he went on to say.

Qumosani highlighted the social, economic, and cultural impact of the season on residents and tourists of Jeddah governorate through their interaction in the season’s activities, international shows and experiences. In addition, he emphasized the significant economic recovery of Jeddah community because of the participation of the small and medium-sized enterprises and productive families, as well as the cultural and civilizational diversity of the presented activities.

According to Qumosani, the season featured 60 days of fireworks, more than 60 entertainment games, 70 interactive experiences, four international exhibitions, eight international concerts, 20 Arab concerts, and seven Arab plays, in addition to two international plays.

Al-Hanouf Al-Saleh, Director of the Media Center, welcomed the media, and thanked them for their efforts and participation in the season’s activities. During the meeting, she emphasized the depth of the fruitful partnership between the season and all media.

Al Saleh praised the media successes of Jeddah season, which resulted in over 15,000 media materials published on 790 media platforms in more than 26 global languages in 68 countries, and its visual content being viewed by over 250 million people.