The UAE has surpassed India to become Kenya’s second-largest source market, Business Daily newspaper reported, citing Kenya National Bureau of Statistics. Imports from the UAE surged 132% to 177.88 billion Shillings ($1.47 billion) in H1 2022 from 77.39 billion Shillings a year earlier.

Fuel and lubricants worth 305.19 billion Shillings were imported in the first six months, a 91.86% jump from 159.07 billion Shillings in the prior year.

The bulk of petroleum products in Kenya are sourced from the UAE, the newspaper said.

Imports from India climbed 36.61% year-on-year to 150.25 billion Shillings during the same period. 

Total expenditure on petroleum products were higher than pharmaceuticals, vehicles, steel and iron, which are primarily imported from India.

China, however, continued to hold the top position, with imports rising at 9.12% year-over-year to 227.95 billion Shillings.

(Editing by Seban Scaria )