Riyadh: The festive events organized by the Riyadh Region Municipality during the Eid Al-Fitr days have witnessed a large turnout of citizens and residents in the capital and other governorates of the region.

Celebratory vibes prevailed across more than 88 locations, with 13 of them situated in Riyadh and the remaining 75 spread throughout the region's governorates and centers.

The activities encompassed fireworks, the Saudi Ardah traditional dance, and other folklore arts, as well as corners featuring productive families, theater performances, various shows, and other events. Additionally, games were available in public parks and municipal squares.

The municipality diligently prepared the sites for the Eid celebrations ahead of the vacation period and completed all necessary works, including logistical support and the development of new locations to accommodate the growing number of visitors. The total count of visitors has exceeded half a million, with 120,000 in the region and 390,000 in Riyadh alone.

All these preparations and the expansion of celebration sites have enabled the region to cope with the steady increase in the number of visitors compared to previous years, all under the supervision and follow-up of the Mayor of the Riyadh region, Prince Dr. Faisal bin Ayyaf.