MAKKAH — The Al Mashaaer Train plays a crucial role in developing and organizing the transportation of pilgrims between the holy sites, significantly improving their experience.

The train prepares more than 2,000 trips to facilitate the movement of pilgrims to and from their locations.

The train network consists of 9 stations distributed across the holy sites, connected by a double railway line spanning 18 kilometers.

With a speed of 80 kilometers per hour, the train can cover the distance between Mina and Arafat in approximately 20 minutes. The Holy Sites train fleet comprises 17 trains, each with a capacity of 3,000 passengers.

The train's seating capacity is 20% of its total passenger capacity, bringing the total capacity of the Holy Sites Train to 72,000 passengers per hour. It facilitates the transport of more than 350,000 pilgrims between the various Holy Sites during Hajj.

The design of the stations focuses on easing the movement of pilgrims when entering, boarding, and exiting the train to accommodate the large number of users. The waiting area is separated from the boarding area, and the boarding platform is separated from the departure platform.

The stations feature connecting bridges for passenger movement to the ground floor from the opposite side and ramps for movement from the station platform.

Electric elevators are also available to facilitate the entry and exit of pilgrims, especially the elderly and people with disabilities. Each side of the train has 60 doors, matching the number of doors at the stations, ensuring smooth entry and exit for pilgrims.

The train system removes approximately 50,000 passenger buses from the roads during the Hajj season, reducing traffic congestion and contributing to lower carbon emissions. As an environmentally friendly electric train, its carbon emissions are zero, helping to preserve the environment in the Holy Sites area.

The train operates using the frequency system (metro), with its movements organized according to daily needs during the Hajj season and the rituals of each day. The operation and control center at the main headquarters of the train administration determines the train's routes and stops, with five different movements from the seventh day of Dhu al-Hijjah until the end of the days of Tashreeq.

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