Fuel prices will rise in the UAE by as much as 14.9 percent, effective today, July 1. 

The price of diesel has increased to 4.76 dirhams per litre from 4.14 dirhams per litre last month, according to the updated price list. 

Super 98 petrol now costs 4.63 dirhams per litre, up by 11.5 percent compared to 4.15 dirhams per litre last month. 

Special 95 has gone up by 12.1 percent to 4.52 dirhams per litre from 4.03 dirhams per litre in June. 

The price of 91 E-Plus has likewise jumped by more than 12 percent to 4.44 dirhams per litre when compared to 3.96 dirhams a month ago. 

The cost of living has been rising, with consumer inflation in Dubai rising by 4.6 percent in April, the highest since May 2015. 

The main driver of inflation in recent months has been transport costs, which went up by 28.8 percent  year on year, accounting for around half of headline inflation, according to Emirates NBD Research. 

(Writing by Cleofe Maceda; editing by Daniel Luiz )