Riyadh - The International Conference and Exhibition for Education 2022 (ICEE), under the theme “Education in Times of Crises: Opportunities and Challenges”, is concluded here today with the participation of ministers and experts in the field of education and more than 262 global and local exhibitors from 23 countries around the world.

The ICEE 2022 received more than 131,460 visitors, while 9,430 participants attended the scientific sessions and 6,850 attendees at workshops, bringing the total number of visitors and participants in the sessions and workshops to 147,740.

The four-day conference highlighted the educational policies in light of challenges, digital transformation and innovation in education, in addition to e-learning in the Kingdom from the perspective of an international vision and the development of educational curricula.

The ICEE 2022 also touched on the global education, best practices in the quality of education in line with the objectives of sustainable development, financing and investment in education.

The conference and international exhibition also included (137) workshops and announced (89) agreements and memoranda of cooperation among the universities, ministries, institutes, institutions as well as local and international companies serving the education sector.

The speakers during in the conference's sessions valued the development efforts in the Kingdom’s education during the crisis and its transformation into electronic educational platforms, hailing the Saudi unique model through "Madrasati" (My School) platform. The speakers also highlighted the importance enhancing the development of life skills of learners in the different stages of education.