Abu Dhabi University’s (ADU) faculty members, students, and alumni participated in the Quantum Innovation Summit Dubai 2024 to exchange knowledge and expertise with subject matter experts in the field.

Organised by Vernewell Academy, the two-day event - concluding today - aimed to bridge connections between international stakeholders and the local community, as well as foster collaboration between academia and the quantum industry.

The Summit provided a dynamic platform for ADU’s faculty, students, and alumni to connect with professionals and leaders in the field of quantum technology. In addition to contributing to the event’s discussions and presentations, highlighting ADU's commitment to academic excellence and innovation.

During the event, the faculty and leadership of ADU, including Professor Montasir Qasymeh, Associate Provost for Research, Innovation, and Academic Development at ADU, and Dr. Hamad Odhabi, Vice Chancellor for Financial and Administrative Affairs at ADU, played a pivotal role in sharing their knowledge during several sessions.

Dr. Hamad Odhabi delivered the opening remarks of the Summit and shared his insights and Professor Montasir moderated the “Quantum Revolution 2.0: Mastering the Scale-Up Challenge” session and participated as a speaker in the “Innovation Growth: Investing in the Quantum Ecosystem” session.

Additionally, during the second day of the Summit, Prof. Montasir delivered a keynote speech titled “Advancing Quantum Connectivity: Qubit Transmission without Refrigeration.”

With over 80 speakers and more than 1,500 attendees representing 50 countries, the event presented an opportunity for professionals, leaders, and innovators to explore the transformative capabilities of quantum technology.