Sixteen Emiratis complete first phase of Coastal Seafaring course

The Emiratis are set to become 'certified seafarers' after completing a Certificate of Competency course to serve on ships


ABU DHABI, 7th February, 2017 (WAM) -- Four Emirati women are set to become 'certified seafarers' after completing a Certificate of Competency course to serve on ships, conducted by Australian Maritime College, AMC, on behalf of Abu Dhabi Ports.

A total of sixteen Emiratis, including the four women, have successfully completed the first phase of the certified Coastal Seafaring course. On completion of the programme’s theoretical and practical training, they will be able to become a Master on commercial vessels up to 24 metres in length, operating within a pre-determined zone.

They were honoured in a ceremony at the headquarters of Abu Dhabi Ports, which was attended by Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, CEO of Abu Dhabi Ports, Captain Jasim Al Khamiri, Manager of ADNOC Petroleum Ports Authority, Phillip Lenthall, Course Leader at the Australian Maritime College, AMC, and several senior managers and staff from Abu Dhabi Ports, Abu Dhabi Petroleum Ports Operating Company, IRSHAD, and National Marine Dredging Company, NMDC.

The students completed a key element of the Coastal Seafaring programme which included a 10-week theoretical and practical training course.

Captain Al Shamisi said, "Our partnership with AMC comes in line with the directives of our wise leadership which aim to support development programmes that target our national workforce. The significance of this programme is not only limited to providing our trainees with internationally-accredited Degrees, but also strengthens Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a prominent platform for enriching and managing Vocational Education and Training, VET, programmes in the ports and maritime transport domains." He added, "The larger goal of this programme is to cater to the needs of the regional navigation sector. Other GCC countries have shown immense interest in sending students to join our dedicated training programme for seafarers, considering the leading position of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as maritime hubs. The training programme is set to expand at the beginning of September this year to include the training of maritime Masters and Engineers operating big vessels of all sizes." "Abu Dhabi Ports will continue to play a leading role in the maritime sector by providing the first international training programme for Seafarers of Mercantile Vessels in the UAE and the region. We are particularly proud of the growing role played by Emirati women in the maritime sector, the word impossible is no longer in the dictionary of Emirati women as they become more empowered across all fields," Al Shamisi concluded.

Phillip Lenthall, Course Leader at the Australian Maritime College, said, "AMC is delighted with the opportunity to partner with Abu Dhabi Ports to successfully conduct this ambitious training programme. Over the past 10 weeks, our students have shown determination in achieving their individual goals with regard to their careers in the maritime sector. This VET course has provided them with a mix of theory and hands-on training that allows them to join vessel crews in the future." Dr. Nasser Mansoori, Senior Training Manager of Abu Dhabi Ports, said, "The success of this programme is the result of teamwork involving the senior management of Abu Dhabi Ports and the steering committee of the training course, specifically Captain Mohamed Al Shamisi, who has been a strong supporter of this project from the outset. The programme would not have been possible without the support of ADNOC and the ADNOC Group of Companies, IRSHAD and NMDC, SAFEEN - Abu Dhabi Marine Services and their sustained efforts in providing boats, equipment and personnel assistance to the project. Our appreciation is also due to AMC and in particular to the AMC Seafarer Staff who have patiently assisted this programme through working tirelessly in the last 10 weeks of the course."

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