• 300 megawatts solar power.
  • Promotes biodiversity with 1 million trees.
  • Aligns with Dubai 2040 Plan.
  • Promotes non-motorized transport.
  • Significantly reduces carbon footprint.
  • Enhances community connectivity.
  • Incorporates urban farms and gardens.

The ‘Dubai Green Spine’ project has been unveiled, a vision to transform Sheikh Mohammad Bin Zayed Road (E311) into a pioneering 64-kilometer-long sustainable corridor. Spearheaded by URB and developed by its ambitious research arm, EPIC Lab, this transformative project aligns with the Dubai 2040 Urban Master Plan. It aims to revolutionize urban mobility, elevate environmental and social standards, and accommodate Dubai's anticipated population expansion. 

"The Dubai Green Spine isn’t just about transit; it’s about transforming how cities function, making them more livable and human-centric," states Baharash Bagherian, CEO of URB. He adds, "This initiative exemplifies how integrated, thoughtful urban planning can drastically improve city life, turning everyday environments into vibrant ecosystems that nurture both people and the planet."

At the heart of the Dubai Green Spine are 100% solar-powered trams, supported by a substantial 300-megawatt solar energy system. This significant clean energy initiative is pivotal in reducing the city's carbon footprint and promoting a shift from car dependency to more sustainable transport modes.

The project also commits to enhancing community and biodiversity through extensive green spaces with diverse habitats. These areas are intricately designed not only to beautify the urban landscape but also to play critical roles in environmental health and community well-being. Connected by extensive pedestrian and cycling paths, these spaces significantly enhance walkability and reduce reliance on automobiles.

Furthermore, the integration of mixed-use developments combines residential, commercial, and recreational spaces, strategically positioned to boost urban connectivity and community interaction. These developments ensure that daily amenities are within a convenient reach, fostering a dynamic urban life.

The Dubai Green Spine project is a revolutionary model that seamlessly integrates innovative urban design with environmental sustainability, transforming both mobility and lifestyle. This groundbreaking initiative not only redefines urban mobility but also enhances urban life, setting a new global standard for sustainable urban mobility and living, and paving the way for future cities.

About URB

URB is a leading urban planning and development firm based in Dubai, known for its innovative approach to sustainable and integrated urban projects. With a portfolio including notable projects such as the Dubai Mangroves, Dubai Reefs Project and The Loop in Dubai, URB continues to push the boundaries of urban development, combining cutting-edge design with environmental sustainability.

Project details are available from this link: https://urb.ae/projects/dubai-green-spine/

Media contact:
Gabriela Dostanic, Marketing Manager, press@urb.ae