| 15 February, 2017

Dubai's RTA proposes changes to driver training norms

Series of proposals being introduced by Dubai's roads and transport authority to upgrade the driver training programme

Image used for illustrative purpose. A general view Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, UAE.

Image used for illustrative purpose. A general view Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, UAE.

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Wednesday, Feb 15, 2017

Dubai: Driver training in Dubai could see several changes, particularly in the motorbike and heavy vehicles categories, if the Ministry of Interior approves the proposals made by the Roads and Transport Authority (RTA).

The RTA announced on Wednesday that it has made a series of proposals to upgrade the driver training programme in Dubai including eight mandatory theory classes for motorcycle riding trainees instead of the two lectures that the trainees currently attend.

A suggestion was also made to increase the number of theory classes for trainee drivers in the heavy vehicles category. The proposal seeks nine classes instead of the current eight.

Ahmad Hashim Behroozian, CEO of the RTA’s Licensing Agency, said the authority is seeking to introduce mandatory practical training on heavy vehicles fitted with a trailer before the heavy vehicle licence is issued, in order to comply with the international standards.

As part of an upgrade to the training programme, the RTA is seeking to include real-life video clips recorded by surveillance cameras on roads as a key component of theoretical lectures for trainee drivers.

Among its proposals is the introduction of mandatory medical fitness tests for elderly drivers, with drivers who are 60 or above having to undergo a test every three years and those who are 70 or above required to undergo a test every two years.

Another suggestion is to revise the training manuals by adding a provision about how to deal with vehicle fire incidents and using smart apps for reporting traffic accidents.

The RTA has also suggested introduction of staggered licensing system as well as issuing a temporary licence for a short period for all new drivers.

“Under the staggered licensing system, RTA seeks to divide motorcycle licence under three categories taking into consideration the age of the applicant as well as the engine capacity of the motorcycle,” said Arif Al Malik, Director of Training and Drivers Qualification at RTA.

Another suggestion was made for adding a new driver licence category between the light and the heavy vehicle in addition to the endorsement of two categories for heavy vehicle licences, with a separate category for trailers and semi-trailers.

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