| 24 February, 2018

6 men jailed for robbing $326,700 from money transfer vehicle in Dubai

Six security guards also face deportation as well as $323,977 million fine

The Court of Appeals upheld the criminal court's decision for sentencing 6 security guards to 3 years in jail, deportation and charging them with a Dh1.19 million fine. The group isaccused of robbing a money transport vehicle that contained 12 bags of money worth approximately Dh1,198,000 collected from various stores.

The prosecution request to appeal against the judgment was refused.

However, the investigations showed that the five accused made a deal with the one of the suspects. The man was responsible for collecting the money used to plan the robbery of the money transport vehicle.


The first accused went to Deira City Center Metro Station; he was with his boss during this time. The security guard then pretended to have a problem in his stomach and asked his boss if he can go to the washroom. The other suspects then entered the metro station to keep the boss busy, while the first accused went to steal the money from the vehicle. Another suspect served as the lookout.

The driver opened the back door of the vehicle when the accused asked, to take the empty bags for the money. He took the money and gave it to the other suspects, who ran away with it in cabs.The suspects each got Dh160,000 from the vehicle.

Public prosecution accused the two cleaning workers of giving their identity cards to the accused persons for them to transfer the money out of the UAE.

The first accused confessed to the crime of robbing the money. He also pointed out during the investigations that he works as a security guard in the money transfer department.

He, along with the rest of the defendants prepared a plan to steal the money from the car, two days before the operation.

A Dubai police witness told the court that the first accused gave his colleagues a message using an application.

The Dubai Police has already recovered Dh920,000 from the stolen money.

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