The Inauguration of "Made in Jordan" Festival

The festival's organizers will commence

Under the Patronage of His Royal Majesty King Abdullah II

Amman, Jordan August 27 2015: Under the Patronage of His Majesty King Abdullah II Ibn Al Hussein with the attendance of a number of ambassadors, diplomats, VIPs and sponsors, the "Made in Jordan" festival starts its activities tonight at the Expo Land, Airport Road, which will be open daily from August 28th- September 5th, 2015 from 5 P.M. until midnight.

The festival's organizers will commence the inaugurating VIP event with an introductory tour within the festival's facilities for the invited guests to acquaint them with the advanced level of Jordanian industries and products.

The tour will start at the "Made in Jordan" exhibition; designed to be a platform showcasing local artists and products and a space to exchange experiences and ideas. Throughout the tour, the festival organizers will familiarize guests with the industries of 200 local Jordanian companies. The tour will continue to the "Governorates Village" which aims to introduce merchants and artists from each governorate, highlighting the distinctive aspects of each governorate such as heritage, clothes and mosaics.

Guests will continue their tour at the cultural, artistic and entertainment facilities of the festival, which include:

The "Arts Street", the aim of this fair is to introduce the Jordanian society to different genres of visual art with the participation of 50 artists. The exclusive tour will continue until reaching the "Main Street"; a uniquely designed street that runs from one end of the festival ground to the other.  It is considered as the heart of the festival for its raving entertainment including marching bands, historical armies such as: JHRC Public Security Directorate, Roman Soldiers and Drum Jam. Followed by the "Jordan Stage" with a capacity of 2000 spectators, hosting 14 Jordanian artists to celebrate the festival's evenings. The "Book Fair" where guests will meet Jordanian authors, in addition to visiting the dedicated zone to the most famous authors in Jordan's history, continuing to the "Food Court", where they have the chance to enjoy appetizing Jordanian food.

Concluding the introductory tour, guests will visit the "Kids Area"; equipped with the latest fun activities for children; where they can spend some quality time with their parents in a safe and appropriate atmosphere of fun and education.

H.E. Maha Al Ali, Minister of Industry, Trade and Supply emphasized on the importance of the "Made in Jordan" festival which will be inaugurated tonight. Her excellency invited everyone to join and support this national festival that is designed to be a platform that showcases the advanced level of Jordanian industries and products, all displayed within the festival's various programs and facilities, and are collectively envisioned to reflect positively on the country's national economy.

It is worth mentioning, that the festival's entrance is free of charge and is organized by many governmental and non-governmental authorities; Jordan Chamber of Industry, Jordan Chamber of Commerce, Amman Chamber of Industry and Amman Chamber of Commerce, and with a featured partnership with Ministry of Trade and Industry, Ministry of Tourism & Antiquities, Greater Amman Municipality and King Abdullah II Fund for Development, and managed by iJordan.

The festival's sponsors list include; Arab Bank as a strategic partner, Manaseer Group as main sponsor, Jordan Kuwait Bank, Arab Potash Company PLC, Fine Solutions, Ministry of Environment, Alajyal, Jordan Bromine Company Limited and Ghadeer as the main water supplier. Jordan Islamic Bank and The Islamic Insurance Company as sponsors for The "Governorates Village", and BluNet as the e-marketing sponsor.

The festival has featured partnership with the most important audiovisual and print media, as radio stations including: Nashama, Sawt Al Ghad, Hala, Al Balad Radio, Hawa Amman, Hayat FM, Play and Bliss, television stations: Jordan TV  and Roya, print media includes all daily newspapers and the magazines include: Layali Amman UMen, U, Venture, VivMag, Living Well, Home, Jordan Business and Trendesign.

About "Made in Jordan" Festival:
"Made in Jordan", the first of its kind event, organized by Jordan & Amman chamber of Commerce, Jordan & Amman Chamber of industry, "Made in Jordan" is a national festival gathering Jordanians in one hub to showcase Local artists and products excellence, offering traders a platform to exhibit their products to the consumers, and a space to exchange ideas to celebrate our beloved Jordan.

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