22 July, 2015

Temporary staffing requirements grows by 30% this summer over 2014

Dulsco sees a demand for temporary employees in several vertical industries operating in the UAE.

Prakash Parab - Director HR Solutions, Dulsco

Prakash Parab - Director HR Solutions, Dulsco

22 July 2015
Retail, logistics, FMCG, Construction and other industries will need extra support during these demanding summer months
Dubai - According to Dulsco, UAE is currently witnessing an increase in demand for skilled talent, propelled by the summer season in the UAE and the demand is set to grow by approximately 30 percent as compared to last year. The company sees a demand for temporary employees in several vertical industries operating in the UAE. In addition, in the blue collar category, there is a demand for both skilled and unskilled workforce.

With large number of events taking place in the UAE, summer season is a busy period for retail, logistics, FMCG construction, airlines and others industries. To keep up with the ever increasing competition, companies hire resources to support them through the summers.

"Contrary to permanent staffing, the trend of temporary staffing solutions is gaining momentum in Dubai as business organisations are dependent on short-term solutions to support the workload this summer. Demand for temporary staff is widespread in many organisations including MNCs, local establishments and semi-government organisations," said Prakash Parab, Director HR Solutions - Dulsco.      

"The demand for temporary staff has increased substantially over the years in the UAE. As the cost of hiring new employees in terms of time and money is far greater than hiring a temporary employee, this demand will only continue to grow more. This also saves the hassle of visa processing," added Parab.

Every year in the UAE with the start of the summer months, many residents including a majority of expatriates visit their home countries for long vacations. This has become quite an annual practice in the region and it always leads to shortage of working staff especially at a time when companies require extra workforce.

"A major share of this demand belongs to the job categories such as receptionists, secretaries, administrative staff and document controllers, promoters, who are mostly women. Even the latest research shows that majority of women prefer flexible timings or part-time jobs over full-time jobs. Second place goes to the blue collared jobs such as construction, mechanical maintenance, warehousing etc. Temporary staffing allows employers to handle the excess workload in business without increasing resources on their payroll," added Parab. 

There are added advantages like flexible timing, no obligation to work for the same company after the said time period.

"Organisations from different industry verticals inform Dulsco well in advance about their HR needs, sometimes months in advance. Dulsco responds to their needs by providing trained staff that can carry out the company's operations efficiently. This way the companies can concentrate on their core operations and leave the non-core operations on to the temporary staff. Dulsco ensures that the temporary workforce possesses all the necessary skillsets and legal requirements for working in the UAE," added Prakash.

Both the employer and the employee are benefitted through temporary staffing solutions. Graduates find it tough to get a break in the industry without prior work experience; and temporary hiring helps them in gaining experience as well as showing the company one's skill set apart from making useful contacts.

Dulsco has bagged the 2015 Superbrand award. Over 1,500 leading brands in the UAE vied for the Superbrands title, however, only 55 were declared Superbrands by the Brand Council. Dulsco is the only waste management company and among very few HR solution providers in the region to be awarded the Superbrand status.


About Dulsco LLC
Dulsco is a pioneering UAE-based limited liability company with over 80 years of experience in the regional business environment. With a workforce of over 12,000 employees, the company has grown with the region and has established itself as a premier service provider. It prides itself in offering human resource solutions and waste management solutions to its customers in the UAE and in Qatar. The company's commitment to its diverse clientele is reflected in its management system certifications such as ISO 9001:2008 for Quality, ISO 14001:2004 for Environment, and OHSAS 18001:2007 for Health and Safety. Dulsco is a key player in the UAE's economic development and an important contributor to the country's social development. To keep pace with industry demands and to offer better services across the region, Dulsco has established offices in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, Fujairah, Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, besides the joint venture company in Doha, Qatar. www.dulsco.com.

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