ABU DHABI - The United Arab Emirates has dispatched an aid plane carrying 100 tons of power generators to assist civilians affected by the ongoing crisis in Ukraine, aiming to help them cope with harsh winter conditions.

The aid includes 1,640 household power generators, each with a capacity ranging from 3.5 kW to 8 kW, designed to provide electricity to civilian homes.

On Tuesday, the UAE transported some of these electric generators to the Polish capital, Warsaw, with the remaining generators set to be transported in January.

Mohammed Ahmed Al Harbi, UAE Ambassador to Poland, emphasised that the UAE’s humanitarian assistance is part of the country’s ongoing relief efforts which aim to alleviate the severity of the humanitarian repercussions endured by the Ukrainian people amid the current crisis. These endeavours reflect the UAE's unwavering values of providing support and relief to countries in need.

Meanwhile, Majid bin Kamal, Director of Humanitarian Support and Aid at the Office of International Affairs at the Presidential Court, stated that the UAE will continue to send additional shipments, including assistances for the education and health sectors. This effort will complement the winter aid already dispatched this month and at the beginning of the new year in coordination with the Ministry sof Foreign Affairs.

Since the crisis began, the UAE has provided urgent relief supplies to those affected in Ukraine, worth US$100 million to Ukrainian civilians.

An air bridge was also launched, with 12 planes sent so far carrying about 714 tonnes of relief supplies, basic foodstuff and medical materials, 2,520 generators, 60 ambulances, 2,500 laptops, and 10,000 school bags.

The UAE also dispatched a ship carrying 250 tonnes of relief supplies, which included blankets, personal supplies, and lamps, to Poland and Romania and then transported into the Ukrainian territory.

The country also operated planes carrying relief supplies for Ukrainian refugees in neighbouring countries such as Poland, Moldova, and Bulgaria.