RIYADH — The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia marks on Thursday, February 22, 2024, the anniversary of its founding in 1139 AH (February 1727 AD) by Imam Muhammad bin Saud, a pivotal moment that signifies the deep-rooted heritage and the extensive historical depth of the nation. This celebration highlights the enduring bond between Saudi citizens and their leadership spanning over three centuries, from the inception of the first Saudi state with its capital in Diriyah and its foundation on Islamic principles, to the present day.

The occasion is a testament to the pride the Saudi people have in the immense historical legacy initiated by Imam Muhammad bin Saud. This legacy chronicles a rich tapestry of social, political, economic, and cultural events that shaped the life of the Arabian Peninsula under the rule of the first Saudi state, through the establishment of the second Saudi state by Imam Turki bin Abdullah, and culminating in the unification of the Kingdom by King Abdulaziz Al Saud. His successors have continued to build upon this legacy, leading to the Kingdom's current era of prosperity under the leadership of King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud and his Crown Prince.

The Founding Day serves as an opportunity to reminisce about the state's 300-year history, a journey documented in history books and biographies, highlighting the nation's achievements and challenges. Despite facing numerous trials, the unity and resilience of the Saudi state have been instrumental in its survival and success, demonstrating the Kingdom's ability to withstand external threats and internal strife.

In line with this significant national milestone, various cultural and artistic events are scheduled across the Kingdom, showcasing the creative spirit, loyalty, and love of the Saudi people for their rich history and beloved leadership. These events reflect the nation's journey through times of prosperity and adversity, always emerging strong and maintaining its authentic Arab identity. The celebrations also underscore the commitment to national unity that has been a hallmark of the Kingdom's development from its earliest days to the modern era, further propelled by Vision 2030.

As the Kingdom commemorates this historic day, it not only celebrates its past achievements but also looks forward to a future of continued prosperity and development, led by the wise leadership of King Salman and his Crown Prince, embodying the ambitious goals of Vision 2030.

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