Doha, Qatar: The Qatar Aircraft Catering Company (QACC) has achieved a significant environmental milestone by consistently recycling over 1.7 million kg of solid waste year-on-year, alongside donating more than 100,000 portions of food, condiments, and over 47,000 pieces of blankets, duvets, and fabrics to those in need globally.

This achievement marks a crucial step towards QACC’s ambitious sustainability objective of achieving zero waste to landfill by 2030, as detailed in Qatar Airways’ annual report for the fiscal year 2022/2023, covering the period from April 2022 to March 2023.

Key developments include the incorporation of fully automated and sustainable industrial equipment during ongoing renovations. These upgrades are expected to enhance product quality, streamline delivery efficiency, and boost production capacity.

The commitment to environmental consciousness remains a top priority for QACC, which actively seeks innovative approaches to reduce its carbon footprint. This includes adopting green building standards for new facility construction, utilising energy-efficient equipment in state-of-the-art catering facilities, and implementing efficient refrigeration units and washing systems to conserve water, energy, and detergents.

Furthermore, QACC is pursuing a cutting-edge vertical farming technology to revolutionise the agricultural landscape in Qatar. This technology aims to not only reduce carbon emissions but also ensure a sustainable supply of green leafy vegetables, currently airfreighted into the country. The company is also fostering local partnerships to reduce reliance on imported goods and contributing to the reduction of aircraft fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions by decreasing Qatar Airways’ equipment and linen loading weight by almost 257 tonnes.

In a bid to minimise paper consumption, QACC is embracing automation for processes such as crew handover sheets, delivery notes, and Critical Control Point (CCP) documents, ensuring food safety during preparation and handling. Additionally, the company has introduced 65 new catering hi-loaders compliant with Euro 6 emission standards.

According to the report, QACC prepares an average of 175,000 meals and 70 international cuisines daily at its state-of-the-art kitchen and bakery located at Hamad International Airport (HIA).

QACC’s premium in-flight and lounge catering services cater to passengers travelling worldwide, exemplifying their commitment to excellence in aviation catering. “We continually push the boundaries of in-flight catering by expanding our capabilities and competencies and reaching new levels of excellence in aviation catering and on-board services. QACC managed FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 air travel by serving more than 200 flights every day along with other airlines and lounges at HIA.” Launched in August 2002, QACC exclusively provides in-flight catering for Qatar Airways, international airlines, hub lounges, and special VVIP flights at HIA.

Occupying a vast 69,000 sqm area, QACC stands as one of the world’s largest self-contained catering facilities.

As QACC commemorated its 20th year in operation last year, it also boasts prestigious accolades for its exceptional catering services. The company received the APEX Passenger Choice Award for Best Food and Beverage in 2022 and the Skytrax 2022 award for the Best Business Class Onboard Catering in the Middle East.

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