Muscat: The Sultanate of Oman has achieved 5th position globally in the compliance index for the effective implementation of aviation safety oversight elements for the civil aviation sector, after being ranked 133rd in 2020.

Accordingly Oman has surpassed 127 countries worldwide. Regionally, it has risen to 2nd place from 10th, and within the GCC, it has moved to 2nd from 6th, marking a significant leap in this index, which encompasses eight subfields. Oman achieved a score of 95.95% compared to 60.47% in 2020.

This result was announced during the press conference held by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) on Wednesday at its headquarters in Muscat.

The International Civil Aviation Organization's (ICAO) Global Aviation Safety Oversight Audit Program aims to assess the compliance of member states with ICAO's aviation safety standards and recommendations. This is achieved through regular audits and safety data analysis to improve the global level of aviation safety, carried out by the International Civil Aviation Organisation.

This result is a culmination of significant progress in eight subfields where Oman has excelled. Oman achieved the 1st position globally in the field of civil aviation legislation, one of the subfields in the compliance index for the effective implementation of aviation safety oversight elements for the civil aviation sector, with a score of 100% compared to the previous 85.71%, matching 16 other countries worldwide.

This achievement is due to the concerted national efforts to update and develop civil aviation laws and regulations to ensure the safety and activities of the sector.

Oman also ranked 1st in the field of government regulation of civil aviation, with the percentage rising from 70% to 100%, matching 48 other countries.

This was achieved through diligent and systematic efforts to enhance the structure of government regulation and strengthen its role in overseeing aviation safety.

Regionally and within the GCC, Oman ranked 1st, and globally, it secured the 11th position in the field of airworthiness, achieving a score of 99% compared to 79% in 2020. This accomplishment resulted from a commitment to developing and effectively implementing airworthiness standards to ensure the safety of aircraft and passengers.

In the field of aviation navigation safety, the compliance rate increased from 50% to 97.27%, due to improvements in surveillance and follow-up procedures to ensure navigation safety and adherence to international standards. With this rate, Oman ranked 1st regionally and within the GCC, and 8th globally.

Aviation licenses also saw significant progress, with the compliance rate increasing from 52.38% to 96.43% after comprehensive improvements in the procedures for issuing licenses, permits, and approvals to ensure their alignment with international standards. As a result, Oman ranked 27th globally and 2nd regionally and within the GCC in this area.

In the field of aviation operations, the compliance rate increased from 67.83% to 95.65% as a result of restructuring and monitoring aviation operations according to the best international practices to ensure the highest levels of safety and efficiency. With this result, Oman ranked 22nd globally and 2nd regionally and within the GCC in this area.

Oman achieved the 3rd position regionally, 2nd position within the GCC, and 24th globally in the field of airport safety. The compliance rate increased from 55.28% to 90.91% due to improvements in airport safety procedures in Oman. With this result, Oman ranked 24th globally in airport safety.

In addition to these areas overseen by the Civil Aviation Authority, Oman ranked 4th globally, 2nd regionally, and within the GCC, experiencing an increase in the field of aviation accidents and incidents, overseen by the Transport Safety Bureau of the Ministry of Transport, Communications, and Information Technology. The compliance rate increased from 48.61% to 96.3% due to integrated efforts among various entities to enhance Oman's capabilities in investigating aviation accidents and incidents and developing related procedures.

Engineer Naif Ali Al Abri, the President of the Civil Aviation Authority, affirmed during the conference that the Civil Aviation Authority has exceeded the targeted percentage (85%) set within the authority's goals and targets card in the compliance index for international aviation safety standards in 2023, reaching 95.95%. This achievement translates into realizing the goals of Oman Vision 2040.

It's worth mentioning that the efforts of the Civil Aviation Authority in enhancing aviation safety have translated into indicators of Oman Vision 2040.


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