Meteorologist Issa Ramadan has warned of an upcoming depression that will affect the country for several days, accompanied by light to moderate southeasterly winds. These winds will intermittently increase relative humidity and reduce horizontal visibility, reports Al-Qabas daily. The forecast indicates cloudy to partly cloudy weather with expected rain, possibly accompanied by thunderstorms. The chances of rain will be particularly high on Tuesday, continuing into Wednesday and Thursday.

During this period, relative humidity will increase further, reducing visibility and leading to high waves. Ramadan emphasized the need for caution in the coming days, highlighting that the weather patterns in May are unusual this year. He advised that southeasterly winds and high humidity are expected to persist into the following week.

Additionally, Ramadan noted that some Gulf countries may experience moderate to heavy rainfall due to the convergence of warm, humid air masses from the Arabian Sea with cold air masses from the upper atmosphere. This phenomenon is attributed to a positive dipole in the Indian Ocean, which elevates water temperatures and increases humidity in the upper layers of the atmosphere. Consequently, towering clouds form, bringing heavy rainfall. These observations align with research presented by climate specialists studying the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean region.

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