India's finance minister said Thursday she expects many debtor countries will reach a resolution "at the earliest" opportunity, following a G20 meeting on debt restructuring.

With India currently holding the rotating presidency of the Group of 20, Nirmala Sitharaman co-chaired Wednesday's meeting of the global sovereign debt roundtable with the leaders of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.

Private sector actors and debtor countries attended Wednesday's talks for the first time since the global debt roundtable was founded as a pandemic-era forum to discuss debt resolutions.

The debtor countries in attendance were Zambia, Ghana, Ethiopia and Sri Lanka, Sitharaman said during a press conference.

They had raised concerns about how much time it took from when a request was made for debt assistance and the disbursement of concessional loans from multilateral institutions like the World Bank and IMF, she said.

An agreement was reached by all countries, including China -- a major bilateral lender -- about the need to speed up the process of debt restructuring.

Sitharaman said she expected "many" debtor countries would reach debt resolutions "at the earliest."

World Bank members also held talks on Wednesday to alter the bank's financial structure to unlock additional financing capabilities.

Outgoing World Bank president David Malpass said on Thursday that an agreement was reached to move ahead with some new measures, which could unlock $50 billion in fresh financing over the next decade.

Sitharaman said plans to further reform multilateral development banks had also been "very well appreciated" during Thursday's meeting of G20 finance ministers and central bank governors.

"Hopefully, by July we should have something on the table for the members to discuss," she said.