Algeria has launched five seawater desalination projects along its Northern Mediterranean coasts and intends to build six others, the official Algerian press agency has said.

The projects have a production capacity of 3.6 million cubic metres per day (m3/day) and are part of a strategy to become self-sufficient in drinking water.

The agency quoted Mohammed Taibi, Director General of the Algerian Energy Company, a subsidiary of the state-owned Sonatrach, as saying five plants with a combined capacity of 300,000 m3/day are under construction and another six would be launched shortly.

“We aim to boost the total number of desalination facilities on the Northern coastline to 19 with a total capacity of 3.6 million m3/day,” he said.

(Writing by Nadim Kawach; Editing by Anoop Menon) 


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