The Sultanate of Oman's first tyre recycling plant opened under the auspices of Qais bin Mohammed al Yousef Minister of Commerce, Industry and Investment Promotion in the presence of other dignitaries, officials, and local community members in Saham on Monday.

Initiated by Global Recycle LLC, a subsidiary of Tinna Rubber and Infrastructure Limited, India, a leading player in the recycling industry, in cooperation with Dr Hilal Nasser Mansoor al Rawahi, a local partner, the facility is equipped with the latest technology and operated by a highly skilled team to process 6000 metric tonnes of discarded tyres annually will contribute to reducing the environmental impact of waste tyres, a challenge faced by many nations.

Speaking to the Observer, Dr Hilal bin Nasser bin Mansoor al Rawahi, Managing Partner of the project, said that the recycling plant signifies technological advancement and demonstrates Oman's dedication to becoming a regional leader in sustainable practices.

"This initiative to process tonnes of used tyres annually is a manifestation towards the national commitment to minimising waste and conserving valuable resources while producing constructive, developmental products," he added.

Gaurav Sekhri, Joint Managing Director of the initiative, notified that Oman's most advanced tyre recycling plant aligns perfectly with its mission to create a cleaner, greener future.

"Through cutting-edge techniques, we will transform discarded tyres into valuable resources, thereby reducing pollution and contributing to Oman's sustainable development goals," he said.

The tyre recycling process at the plant adheres to the highest international standards, ensuring that the resulting materials can be utilised in various industries. This not only reduces the burden on landfills but also conserves energy and raw materials, contributing to a circular economy.

The inauguration ceremony also served as a platform to express gratitude to the Oman government, regulatory authorities, local communities, and industry partners who played pivotal roles in making this project a reality. Their support reinforces the collaborative spirit necessary for driving positive change in the region.

As Global recycle continues its journey towards a greener future, the tyre recycling plant stands as a testament to innovation, environmental stewardship, and sustainable progress.

The advanced regional process plant enables the recovery of materials such as crumb rubber, steel, and fibre from waste tyres and will recover 99 per cent of materials from the waste tyre.

The promoters further hoped that ELTs are a valuable resource that can be recycled up to 99 per cent of its weight. The recycled materials can be used for various applications by making new rubber products like tyres, conveyor belts, rubber mats, rubber insulation, brake pads, sports turfings, auto components and roads, thereby supporting the circular economy.

Their business model has been highly successful in India and will be able to generate hundreds of direct employment create export possibilities where Oman can become an ideal location to export recycled rubber materials to the Indian sub-continent and central Asia for the various finished products that are extensively used in making new rubber products.

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