General Company for Iraqi Railways (GCIR) and Italian engineering services company PEG have reviewed a technical report that forms part of the feasibility study for linking Al-Faw Grand Port by rail to the Turkish border.

Hussein Jalil Al-Khafaji, the official spokesperson for the Ministry of Transport told Zawya Projects that the Iraqi side, represented by Director General of Railways, Talib Al-Husseini, emphasised on speeding up the study and choosing the best routes for railway linkage in their discussions with PEG officials.

Al-Khafaji noted that the two sides have agreed to continue the meetings until the studies and designs completed to achieve the best results.

Iraq has positioned Al Faw Port as a gateway for the transport of goods from the Arabian Gulf, and South and East Asia to Turkey and onwards to Europe.

(Writing by Majda Muhsen; Editing by Anoop Menon)