Dubai, United Arab Emirates: The global veterinary Apps market is experiencing unprecedented growth and is projected to reach an astonishing $2.08 billion by 2027. Among the key drivers of this surge is the unparalleled convenience these Apps offer, especially in the post-coronavirus pandemic era. Additionally, with an increasing number of individuals, particularly young professionals living alone in city areas, embracing pets as part of their families, the market is set for substantial expansion in the coming years.

In response to this rising demand, Eurovets aims to modernise the animal health care segment and enhance the B2B customer experience, with its strategic App.

The Eurovets App has already been embraced by UAE animal healthcare professionals since its launch. This is a testament to the industry's trust in its commitment to excellence. The company anticipates the number of active users to double by the end of this year, reflecting the App's widespread acceptance and positive impact on all animal segments.

“At Eurovets, we understand the vital role technology plays to modernize the animal healthcare industry. The App, available on both iOS and Android platforms, revolutionizes the way our registered customers access our premium product range, making it available at their fingertips, anytime and anywhere. Beyond its role as a convenient procurement tool, the App serves as a valuable resource hub. Users can register for exclusive events and webinars hosted by Eurovets, gaining access to training materials and webinar recordings with live chat capabilities,” said Yakub Omarji, COO of Eurovets.

Eurovets remains deeply committed to innovation and is actively working on additional technological solutions to bridge existing gaps in the industry. Its unwavering dedication to exceptional service will continue to drive its efforts as the company works towards the betterment of animal health and welfare across the GCC.


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