“The commemoration of International Mother Language Day highlights the increasing importance of safeguarding linguistic heritage and preserving languages as vital channels of communication across civilisations. This occasion offers an opportunity to raise awareness on the significance of maintaining linguistic diversity and protecting endangered languages. As an integral aspect of culture and a fundamental component of national identity, the responsibility of safeguarding the mother tongue lies with both institutions and societies. This commitment begins within the family, where language and cultural values are first instilled in individuals.

The UAE has distinguished itself as a trailblazer in preserving the mother language through its comprehensive array of initiatives and projects. The nation has exerted a considerable influence in promoting the use of Arabic language, emphasising its cultural significance and humanitarian message.

We, at the SLC, strongly advocate for collective endeavours to uphold and fortify our native language. We are committed to implementing initiatives that promote the proper use of Arabic language, both within workplace and in legislative drafting. One noteworthy initiative we have undertaken is the ‘Arabic Coffee’ initiative, designed to bolster and revitalise the enduring essence of Arabic language. Today, we reaffirm our commitment to preserving our linguistic heritage and to empowering the Arabic language, while also broadening our understanding and appreciation of language and culture. This commitment aligns with our goal to facilitate the interpretation of legal texts, ensure their lucidity, and streamline the legislative process.”         

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