Dubai, United Arab Emirates: With the motto of „Smart solutions for a sustainable future “, ista Middle East appointed Tolga Candan as the Director of Digitalization and IoT, marking a new era for helping the buildings of the GCC region to reach their full potential in terms of energy efficiency and operational excellence.

Sustainability? Challenge accepted!

Oliver Sporrer, Regional Managing Director of ista Middle East commented „Climate protection is at the heart of ista, and the Middle East has the most demanding built environment where technology can deliver a significant difference with simple yet effective solutions towards energy costs and carbon footprint improvement. Reinforced with Tolga’s joining, today marks a new chapter in our endeavor to match the best solutions addressing the problems in buildings.”

Tolga Candan is a multidiscipline engineer, MSc, MBA with experience ranging from commercial leadership to successful delivery of on-site engineering activities. He possesses 19 years of experience with 15 years being in UAE and the Gulf region in both pre and post-operation of buildings. Tolga has been instrumental in addressing energy optimization & technology retrofit requirements in a wide range of segments such as hotels, power plants, schools, high-rise mixed-use developments, residential villa compounds, industrial, golf courses, shopping malls, etc. Known for his expertise in HVAC, Air Quality, Pumps, IoT and Energy Optimization, he is now heading the strategic business development of ista with a focus to UAE and neighboring regions.

Without data, we're only speculators

Tolga, Director of Digitalization and IoT commented „ ista’s competency in IoT and energy retrofits is already addressing the majority of the problems which I’ve observed during my assessments in 300+ facilities in the middle east over the past years. I’m very excited that now we can provide a full-fledged solution from not only assessment and engineering but also execution to monitoring and sustain as a one-stop shop for greener and smarter buildings. People deserve the 2022’s technologies to be adapted in their buildings as well, regardless of how old they are”

Apart from the core business of submetering & billing, ista also offers Energy Audits & Retrofits (accredited by ADES, Etihad ESCO and REEM), Delta-T rectification, Pump Optimization, Remote-control SmartValve (Empower approved), Indoor Air Monitoring, MinuteView cloud dashboard for energy management, segment specific IoT Bundles.  

According to The Economist*, The Internet of Things will bring the internet’s business model to the rest of the world. The aggregate score for the application of IoT to internal operations jumped from 4.34 in 2017 to 6.82 in 2020. This means the typical company’s IoT initiatives went from “planning” three years ago to being firmly in the “early implementation” phase today. The research also shows that the most widely adopted applications of IoT data are monitoring and optimizing the performance of products or internal operations (43%) and using IoT data to inform operational decision-making (41%).


About ista

With offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi since 2007, ista is a 100+ year old German multinational and a global leader in energy management, IoT and sub-metering services, with 5,800 people in 20+ countries, serving 13 million units (residential, commercial, industrial, governmental), with a network of 400,000 gateways and 30 million connected devices. In UAE, ista has an install base of over 100,000 BTU meters and has over 30,000 BTU meters in our monthly service portfolio (Reading, Billing, Revenue Collection, Account Management, and Maintenance Service Contracts).

ista contact:
Tolga Candan
Director of Digitalization & IoT